Two ADDITIONAL co-sponsors for the One Subject at a Time Act

The good news keeps coming! YESTERDAY, we reported two new co-sponsors for the One Subject at a Time Act (OSTA) and the publication of our most recent amicus brief. Now…

There are two new, ADDITIONAL co-sponsors for the OSTA!

  • Rep. Tom Emmer [MN-6]
  • Rep. Doug Collins [GA-9]

Now we have 15!

Rep. Mia Love of Utah, the original sponsor, continues to really promote this bill. Here’s how we can help her make progress…

  • We must recognize that each co-sponsor has friends among his or her colleagues in the House.
  • We should urge co-sponsors to ask their colleagues to become co-sponsors too.
  • This is more likely to happen if we praise each new co-sponsor for supporting OSTA.

So we’re going to use “social media” to…

  • Praise co-sponsors
  • Ask them to find other co-sponsors

We have other actions planned, but… Today’s actions are for TWITTER.

TWEET Representative Tom Emmer, (R) Minnesota – @RepTomEmmer

TWEET Representative Doug Collins, (R) Georgia – @RepDougCollins

The most powerful approach is to write a custom tweet — that’s you, using your own words. You should…

  1. Thank each of them for co-sponsoring the One Subject at a Time Act.
  2. Copy us on your tweet by adding @DownsizeDC (by tagging us @DownsizeDC, both the Representative’s staff and our team will see it on Twitter).

But if you’re in a hurry or don’t know what to write, here’s a Tweet you can copy and paste…

Thanks for cosponsoring the One Subject at a Time Act and working with @RepMiaLove @RandPaul @DownsizeDC to promote it.

Please send both of these Tweets right now. We did it!

We’ll be back tomorrow to take more action. We hope you will make it a PRIORITY to…

  • Open our messages
  • Do our VERY SIMPLE action items EVERYDAY

Your daily participation can cause real change, step by easy step.

Thanks for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer!

Jim Babka & Perry Willis

Downsize DC