What the One Subject at Time Act needs NEXT to succeed

NOTICE: The amicus brief we proposed for U.S. v. Graham has been filed by our sister organization, Downsize DC Foundation. You can read about it on the Zero Aggression blog. In fact, you can actually download a pdf of the brief, which is only 7 pages long. Thanks to all who contributed to make this happen.

A great start on One Subject bill by Mia Love & Rand Paul. The next move… Retweet

In our last message, we told you that Representative Mia Love of Utah has re-introduced our “One Subject at a Time Act” (HR 4335) in the House. We told you that…

  • She introduced the bill exactly as we wrote it
  • The bill already has a record number of cosponsors (11)

We asked you to…

  • Thank Mia Love on her Facebook page for re-introducing OSTA
  • Contribute so we could send a press release about this progress. Thank you to everyone who responded, because the press release went out this morning. But contributions are still needed to further promote the One Subject at a Time Act.

If you haven’t done one or both of these actions, please consider doing so now.

We also told you we would be back today to take more action in support of OSTA. If your Rep is on this list….

  • Rep. Rick Mulvaney [R-SC-5]
  • Rep. Chris Stewart [R-UT-2]
  • Rep. Thomas Massie [R-KY-4]
  • Rep. John Ratcliffe [R-TX-4]
  • Rep. Jim Jordan [R-OH-4]
  • Rep. Stevan Pearce [R-NM-2]
  • Rep. Mark Walker [R-NC-6]
  • Rep. Dave Brat [R-VA-7]
  • Rep. Raul Labrador [R-ID-1]
  • Rep. Rod Blum [R-IA-1]
  • Rep. Kevin Yoder [R-KS-3]

….please write and thank them, while asking your Senator to sponsor the Senate version of this bill introduced by Rand PaulS. 1572.

If your Rep is NOT on the above list, please send a message asking him or her to co-sponsor OSTA. The hardwired message for our OSTA campaign reads…

I want my representatives to co-sponsor Downsize DC’s “One Subject at a Time Act” in the House (HR 4335) and the Senate (S. 1572).

You can copy or edit the following sample letters for this purpose. We’ve created three different sample letters you can use depending on whether or not your rep and your two Senators are all Democrats, all Republicans, or a mix.

Use this sample letter if your House Rep and your two Senators are all Democrats…

All 11 co-sponsors for this bill are Republicans. I think my rep and my two Senators are all making a big mistake if they let this become a Republican issue. Each of you should rush to be the first Democrat to back this legislation. Don’t let the Republicans own this issue.

Use this sample letter if your House Rep and your two Senators are all Republicans…

All 11 co-sponsors are Republicans. I think this could be a great issue for the GOP. I hope my House Rep and my two Senators will be the next Republicans to see the wisdom of this, and co-sponsor this great bill.

Use this sample letter if your House Rep and one or more of your Senators are from different parties…

All 11 co-sponsors are Republicans so far. It shouldn’t be this way. This should be a trans-partisan issue. Either that, or one party is going to have an advantage over the other. I want my House Rep and my two Senators to rush to be the next to co-sponsor this important bill.


Thanks for being an active DC Downsizer,

Perry Willis & Jim Babka

Downsize DC