FPP now accepts nearly 2 dozen crypto-currencies!

FPP is now accepting DOZENS of the world’s most popular altcoins, thanks to ShapeShift.io. Whether you have LTC, DOGE, NXT, NMC, Potcoin, or nearly 20 other altcoins, we can probably accept it! There is a Shapeshift donate widget on the sidebar, or if you’re shopping from the Bitcoin Store, you can use the Shapeshift.io browser plugin to pay with altcoins (more on that below).

Buy anything with your altcoins. Use the Shapeshift Lens to automatically pay any Bitcoin address with the altcoin of your choice.

Shapeshift.io is the world’s fastest, most trusted service for instantly converting between crytpocurrencies. The Lens browser plugin lets you pay Bitcoin address or invoice with Litecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, and other leading altcoins. You can use the lens to pay any Bitcoin address with an altcoin and ShapeShift Lens will instantly convert your altcoin and make the payment for you. Once you install the lens extension, you will see that a tiny ShapeShift fox icon appears next to Bitcoin addresses on webpages you visit. Click on that icon to use Lens to pay that Bitcoin address with your altcoin of choice. No account required. So easy your grandmother can use it. Enjoy!