URGENT! Stop the FCC’s plot to take over the Internet


A power grab by the FCC provoked me to tell Congress to pass the Write the Laws Act through DownsizeDC.org’s Campaign.

Please do the same. You may copy or edit this letter…

Political appointees in the FCC want to control the Internet with 322-pages of “Net Neutrality” rules.

From what we know, they’ll…

* create more taxes

* stifle innovation and customer choice

But we don’t know much else because…

The FCC won’t even release the proposal until February 26!


* They won’t submit their proposal to Congress as a bill

* They won’t even consult Congress


* They have NOBODY’S consent!

And their “authority” is unconstitutional.


Regulations we are compelled to obey… are LAWS! The Constitution authorizes ONLY Congress to pass laws.


And the current attempt to merely curb bureaucratic law-making, the REINS Act, wouldn’t stop this! Something more powerful is needed.

The Write the Laws act would end such bureaucratic lawmaking. It was introduced in the last Congress (S 1663 & HR 4343).

If you want to…

* Preserve your Constitutional monopoly on the power to legislate

* Restore Constitutional checks and balances, and…

* Prevent bureaucratic power grabs…

…then be a champion and introduce the Write the Laws Act!     


Send your letter using DownsizeDC.org’s Educate the Powerful System.

COMING UP: We’re introducing the first new campaign to oppose the Net Neutrality power-grab. Stay tuned.

CONSIDER sharing this entire Action Item with friends. Forward this email and ask them to do as you’ve done…

  • Send a letter to their “representatives” in Congress

  • Then forward this same email to others, asking them to do likewise

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Thank you for your participation and support,

Jim Babka


DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

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