Do you Want ANOTHER Cold War?

I told Congress to prevent sending arms to Ukraine through’s “Stop Policing the World” campaign.

Please do the same. You may borrow from or copy this letter…

President Obama is considering sending military aid to the Ukraine. (

Taking sides in Ukraine’s civil war will antagonize Russia and provoke another Cold War.

That’s what the Ruling Class wants, because a Cold War means increased Defense spending. Cronies in the Military-Industrial Complex will be happy.



There’s no provision in the Constitution that authorizes ANY foreign aid. And, you’re STILL running gigantic deficits, meaning we cannot afford it.

Moreover, there isn’t any U.S. security interest in Ukraine. Helping its regime will only UNDERMINE our security by provoking Russia.

If you want to govern (, you’d foster ORDER and not promote DISORDER. Therefore…

Stop meddling overseas. Bring the troops home. And…

Don’t send aid to Ukraine!


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James Wilson

Policy Research Director, Inc.

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