Witnesses Say Man Killed By Cop Was Unarmed and Fleeing

By Cassandra Rules Hummelstown, PA– Authorities have released very little information about a traffic stop early Monday evening that left 59-year-old David Kassick dead.
Witnesses, on the other hand, have not remained silent and are adamant that the shooting was unjustified. Multiple witnesses are reporting that the man was unarmed and fleeing, potentially due to the fact that he was on probation for driving with a suspended license.
“It’s mind blowing that it went from possible traffic stop to jail time to him being in a body bag,” a witness told ABC27.
Kassick was pulled over by an unnamed female officer around 4 pm on …read more

Source:: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/witnesses-man-killed-police-woman-monday-unarmed-fleeing/