Announcing the publication of How to be a Hobo

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Announcing the publication of How to be a Hobo

Free Press Publications is pleased to announce the publication of its newest original work: How to be a Hobo by Brooke Willett.

When her plush and comfy life suddenly and unexpectedly fell apart, Brooke and her dog Cloud set out to defy the odds. She put on a knapsack and started walking. If this is a man’s world as they say, living on the streets is no place for a young woman. She was able to navigate her way through challenges and obstacles, getting odd jobs along the way, and hopping freight trains as a main mode of transport, until one day she awoke in the Red Wood forest, looked around the make shift camp built upon mounds of dirty kid trash and hidden back into the trees, and realized she had become… a hobo… and would ultimately come to know exactly what it means to survive.

While the book details her years on the road, she insists, “This book is not intended to be a manual on how to induce a life on the streets or even time on the road.” Adding, “I did it out of curiosity and learned that one should never do it unless it’s out of necessity.”

How to be a Hobo by Brooke Willett, published by Free Press Publications will be available February 2, 2015. How to be a Hobo will be available from, all major book stores, and directly from Free Press Publications. A limited number of complimentary copies will be made available for review. Brooke Willett will be available for interviews to discuss her book.


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