Harvard Grad Pulled Over And Ticketed for Playing NWA’s “F*** the Police”

By John Vibes “Really? You’re really playing THAT song? Pull over.”
Hialeah, Florida – 26-year-old Cesar Baldelomar, a Harvard University graduate, who is currently attending law school, says that his rights were violated by a local police officer on Thanksgiving morning after he was playing loud music on his car stereo.
Baldelomar says that the officer pulled him over because he was listening to N.W.A.’s classic song “F**k the Police.”
When Officer Harold Garzon came up to the window he allegedly asked the young man, “Really? You’re really playing THAT song? Pull over.”
The officer then reportedly told Baldelomar that it is illegal to play loud music …read more

Source:: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/harvard-grad-pulled-ticketed-playing-nwas-fk-police/