Thoughts on the Guardian Program from PEACEKEEPER

I recently had the ability to preview the new Guardian Program from PEACEKEEPER, and had a chance to test out some of the training regimens from Pulse O2DA Firearms Training.
Let me begin by saying, that while I’ve been target shooting and hunting before and know the rules of gun safety, I’m not a “gun guy.”
The training regimens at Pulse are well designed and very informational, and include basics for self-defense, as well as advanced training aimed at those who are defending a household, and more advanced training for those defending a workplace, neighborhood or entire community. They include both instructional videos and manuals, so that you can get the information in more than one manner.
What I found most interesting was the combat training, primarily because they attempt to prepare you mentally for what it’s like to actually be in a situation in which you must defend yourself with your weapon. Obviously, nothing can really prepare you for that scenario; however they do a good job explaining the situation, and what you should do.
In the future, the Guardian Program will include training in medical care and fire response. It is my hope that the training provided in those courses is as in depth as the firearm defense training, and enables ordinary people to respond should their family, friends or neighbors need assistance.