“Shocking Mistake” Exposed in Darren Wilson Grand Jury

By Cassandra Rules Mistakes are not mistakes when they serve an intended purpose.

Ferguson, MO– Lawrence O’Donnell has exposed prosecutors in the case of Officer Darren Wilson’s killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown – proving the demonstrators fears of misconduct to be absolutely correct.

On September 16, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Kathy Alizadeh handed the grand jury a copy of Missouri statute 563.046- the state’s use of force doctrine.
This 1979 doctorine was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court based entirely on the portion of the statute that was helpful to Officer Darren Wilson, the part that states police officers are permitted to shoot any suspect that’s …read more

Source:: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/shocking-mistake-prosecutorial-misconduct-mike-brown-case/