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You’re NOT stupid. But, as you’ll learn in today’s Action Item, apparently the U.S. Senate thinks you are.

Welcome to the new Consent Chronicle (formerly, the Downsizer-Dispatch). This NEW e-magazine serves and the Zero Aggression Project. The name reflects the strategy and spirit of both organizations, because even the most coercive power requires consent to survive.

In this issue…

  • Internet sales tax not just for the rich; the politicians will squeeze your neck too, sooner or later.
  • Government or State? And what’s the one tool it has to get its way? Here are two Lexicon entries that will sharpen your thinking.


Internet Sales Tax Is a Noose
by Jim Babka

The Senate passed the internet tax bill with bipartisan cooperation. And, like any new tax, this noose will tighten.

The 1913 income tax didn’t apply to most Americans. It too was a tax on the richest. But World War I, just a few years later, changed that. Today… well, you know the noose is quite tight. It’s on your neck, even though you aren’t rich.

The Senate must think you’re stupid! Will the House insult your intelligence too?

You’re no dummy. That’s why you must deny your consent to this internet sales tax.

You can use’s Educate the Powerful SystemSM to put your “representative” on notice. You will find more details and a sample letter on the blog.


Our Lexicon: The State
by Perry Willis

The State – capital T, capital S – is a coercive monopoly… where you once referred to the government you should instead refer to The State. Here’s why…

Our Lexicon: Coercion
by Perry Willis

When you initiate or threaten violence against someone you are being coercive.

Coercion is the only tool The State has. Every law and regulation is based on coercion. If you disobey The State’s dictates then…

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