LewRockwell.com – May 9, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

America’s Secret Government
Bill Bonner on the spook agencies that plot, entice, foment, and sow evil everywhere.
Should You Trust the Government?
Are you kidding? Article by Andrew Napolitano.
Do Libertarians Support Crony Capitalism?
Tom Woods on the latest nonsense.
Middle East Horror
Gerald Celente on what the empire is doing. Interview by Greg Hunter.
Academic Cesspools
Why do parents send their children for a swim? Article by Walter Williams.
Changing the World One Song at a Time
John Whitehead on Pete Seeger.
2 Sides of the Same Debased Coin
Hunter Lewis on Keynesianism and crony capitalism.
Hoard Food
It’s your protection against personal or societal economic trouble, says Mac Slavo.
Gun Control Is a Killer
2.5 times more people are killed in disarmed Chicago than Afghanistan, says Anthony Gucciardi.
The Flying Car Is Finally Here!
Parachutes not optional. Article by Victoria Woollaston.
Vicious Laws Against Real Nutrition
Our lives depend on good food and free speech. Article by David Brownstein, MD.