LewRockwell.com – May 7, 2013

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An Honest Examination of Race
Isn’t it about time, asks Walter Williams.
Do We Really Want New Armies of Police?
It’s a horrifically bad idea, says Steve Greenhut.
The Tyranny Test
It’s Bitcoin, says Paul Rosenberg.
Who Are the War Criminals in Syria?
The US-backed "rebels," of course. Article by Pat Buchanan.
50 Years of No Real Economic Progress
Bill Bonner on the Fed’s greatest lies.
Only Self-Flattering Tribalism
Could approve the bombing of Syria, says Glenn Greenwald.
Imagine Your Car Won’t Start
Unless your cell phone is docked and useless in a government-mandated device. Article by Eric Peters.
Cringe Like Sheep
William Levinson on the Boston mindset.
Ignore Those Warning of Government Tyranny!
The regime’s afraid their propaganda has failed and people are waking up, says Daisy Luther.
A Brief and Bloody History
Of gun control. Article by Anthony Gucciardi.
Fully Stocked Bomb Shelter Discovered
Serious prepping – 1960 style.
Do You Need a Powerful Anti-Aging Tonic?
Try this old folk remedy – bee’s milk, says Margaret Durst.