LewRockwell.com – April 30, 2013

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Smacking Down the Commissars
Tom Woods wipes the floor with them.
The 1st Kenyan-American President
Not African-American, says Walter Williams.
Gold’s Been Up for 12 Consecutive Years
Peter Schiff on how record sales are affecting premiums and deliveries.
Serial Killers
Vic Pittman on what droners actually do.
Americans Distrust Government More and More
Its abuse of power is more troubling than terrorism.
Why Your Brain Craves Music
You’ll intuitively know the best kind, too, says Joseph Mercola.
Internationalize Your Cash
Doug Casey explains how to do it.
The Bullet Bubble
David Higginbotham on the surge in ammo sales, and the feds’ huge hollow-point buy.
Make Sushi, Not War
Andrew Sirkis on solving the latest Sino-Japanese brouhaha.
What the World’s Executioner Wants To Hide
The true purpose of the war on terror is to maintain and expand it, says Jeremy Scahill. Article by Alexander Kelly.
Silver to $250?
Pater Krauth on 5 factors that can push it there.
Paradise for Religious Separatists
But what happens in Pinecraft, stays in Pinecraft.