Your Victory: Will It Hold?

The Consent Chronicle

This is the official email newsletter of the Zero Aggression Project and, Inc.

Welcome to the new Consent Chronicle. This new e-magazine replaces the Downsizer-Dispatch. It serves and the Zero Aggression Project. The name reflects the strategy and spirit of both organizations, because…

Coercive powers require consent to survive. We must deny our consent when The State acts immorally.

In today’s Chronicle…

  • A Temporary Victory on Internet Sales Tax
  • A Social Networking Coup
  • HELP WANTED – Email Deliverability Expert


VICTORY: Internet Tax Vote Delayed!

The so-called Marketplace Fairness Act never got a committee hearing and markup. The intent was to rush it through because opposition has always been too strong.

But you caught the Senate. A bipartisan group of Senators, from intervening states that don’t have a sales tax, used a procedural tactic to stall. Time is our ally. But the rumor is that a vote could come as soon as May 6.

As of now, the so-called “Marketplace Fairness Act” has the votes to pass. We believe we need to peel off as many as 25 supporting Senators. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to use’s Educate the Powerful SystemSM to send a letter. Yesterday, we provided a sample letter with ten reasons you must deny your consent to this Internet sales tax.


@DownsizeDC was taken, years ago, when we got on Twitter. Then, it sat dormant. We are pleased to announce we’ve secured this handle for activity!

We use Twitter to put out information that is either time sensitive or for which we lack space in the Consent Chronicle. Our immediate goal is 2,000 followers. Please, go to @DownsizeDC and follow us.


Email Deliverability Expert

The Zero Aggression Project and Downsize DC seek an email expert to improve the deliverability of the Consent Chronicle.

In particular, we’re hoping to find someone with the skills and time to help us implement DKIM, as well as subscribe to and manage the responses received from the “feedback loops” of prominent email services (Google, Yahoo etc). This is a part-time position.

Please state your preferred hourly compensation. Passionate volunteers welcome. Email


We don’t bank on winning every vote or even delaying them. But it’s happened plenty of times in the past here, after you’ve used to register your dissent. Do you value our Educate the PowerfulSM tool, along with the sample letters we provide? Then we need you. Please invest in, with a generous one-time contribution or monthly pledge.

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Reply to this message if you need help. We’re eager to assist.

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The Zero Aggression Project exposes the criminal violence initiated by The State and promotes the Zero Aggression Principle as the alternative., Inc. is dedicated to withdrawing consent from State criminality. These are non-profit, public education organizations with operations at: 1931 15th St., Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223, 202*521*1200. The Consent Chronicle normally publishes four times per week.