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Welcome to the new Consent Chronicle. This new e-magazine replaces the Downsizer-Dispatch. It serves DownsizeDC.org and the Zero Aggression Project. The name reflects the strategy and spirit of both organizations. Here’s why…

Even the most coercive power requires consent to survive. We must deny our consent when The State acts immorally.

  • This will be done with actions aimed at Congress (see item one below)
  • This will be done through the media (see item two below)
  • This must be done by educating our friends (see item three below)
  • This will be done with new tools (see item four below).



Stop new taxes on purchases through the Internet. Go here now to take immediate action.


He’s on television! Downsize DC President Jim Babka spoke with Gary Franchi about the Read the Bills Act and several other topics.Watch Jim now.


The Truth About Upton Sinclair’sThe Jungle

by Perry Willis

Millions of Americans believe that we need the government to regulate business people. Otherwise, they will run wild, laying waste to the environment, and selling us bad food, bad drugs, and harmful products.

One big reason people believe this is because they were taught about a famous book, The Jungle. But here’s what most people don’t know…


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The Zero Aggression Project exposes the criminal violence initiated by The State and promotes the Zero Aggression Principle as the alternative. DownsizeDC.org, Inc. is dedicated to withdrawing consent from State criminality. These are non-profit, public education organizations with operations at: 1931 15th St., Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223, 202*521*1200. The Consent Chronicle normally publishes four times per week.