This is the last Downsizer-Dispatch

This is the official email newsletter of, Inc. & the Downsize DC Foundation.

After nine years of service, the Downsizer-Dispatch ends today. This is happening because we…

  • have begun testing our new Zero Aggression Project (ZAP) website
  • will launch the ZAP site in a matter of days
  • now need a newsletter name that ZAP and Downsize DC can share

Both efforts have the issue of consent in common. So we’ll call our new newsletter . . .

The Consent Chronicle

Do you consent to…

  • What The State does to you?
  • What The State does to OTHERS, acting in your name and with your money?

If you answer NO, then…

  • Downsize DC is the tool you can use to Deny Consent to Congress.
  • The Zero Aggression Project is the tool you can use to influence your neighbors in the same direction.

Both groups will try to persuade our entire culture to comply with the Zero Aggression Principle…

No one should initiate force against others or delegate doing so to politicians.

Think of what this could mean for your future. What if “the government”…

  • Obeyed the Zero Aggression Principle?
  • Never initiated force against anyone and only used violence defensively?

This would mean that “the government” could no longer…

  • Impose laws of prior restraint — like drug prohibition, gun prohibition, and mandatory FDA regulations.
  • Use violence-based funding (taxation)

If both of these things were true, then “the government” would have to…

  • Fund itself the way all other institutions do, persuading customers to give it money voluntarily
  • Respond to customer preferences — not lobbyists

This would be consumer controlled government.

But what if consumers decided to voluntarily fund the federal government at its current level or . . . wait for it . . . AT EVEN GREATER LEVELS!!!?

Could we still complain about Big Government IF the institution is…

  • Initiating violence against no one
  • Collecting all of its funds voluntarily
  • Relying only on the consent of the governed

At that point it would become very difficult to talk about downsizing government. So what does the name Downsize DC mean in such a context? It means . . .

  • A moral call for The State to downsize it’s initiation of force
  • A regulatory agenda for The State to downsize the harm it causes
  • A choice agenda for The State to downsize its monopolistic control

In other words…

We want to emphasize the Zero Aggression Principle and the issue of CONSENT, instead of size.

One easy place to start that transition is the name of our email newsletter. Thus, our newsletter will soon become…

The Consent Chronicle

Please take the following action now to make sure the new Chronicle shows up in your inbox…

Doing this will make sure the new Chronicle makes it past your spam filters.

We hope you like what we’re doing. We hope to earn your continued support. Monetary votes of confidence or encouragement are always welcome at our secure contribution form.

Thank you!

Jim Babka and Perry Willis
Downsize DC and The Zero Aggression Project

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