Testers needed for launch of Zero Aggression Project Homepage

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We need volunteers to test new software. Here’s the background . . .

Last Summer, immediately after the Supreme Court Obamacare ruling, we called for an open rebellion against our so-called government. This was NOT . . .

  • A call to arms
  • An appeal for mass acts of civil disobedience

Instead, it was call for people to terminate their loyalty to the current institutions of government, and to begin declaring this to their friends and neighbors.

We proposed two new initiatives to foster this outcome . . .

  • The Zero Aggression Project (ZAP)
  • Deny Consent

Since then we’ve been working hard to create . . .

  • Strategies and tactics to promote these initiatives
  • New software and websites to match

In the process of doing this our thinking has evolved . . .

  • We’ve merged the Deny Consent tactics, shown to you in December, into both ZAP and Downsize DC
  • The new ZAP will focus on improving the American Mind, using primarily moral arguments
  • A refreshed Downsize DC will empower you to announce your desire to opt-out of the current institutions of government (we’ll have far more to say about this after we launch the ZAP)

Now, after many months of work, and one early round of testing in December, we’re about ready to show and test the evolved result.

The testing will come first. There will be multiple things to test, including . . .

  • Our first, Zero Aggression Principle-based campaign using a new and improved version of the polling software we tested in December
  • New petitioning software people can use to register their agreement or disagreement with our positions
  • New recruiting software so that you can track and measure the results of your educational outreach efforts

After we test each of these components, and make sure they’re ready for heavy use, we will then roll them out for our entire list to use. So here’s the question for today . . .

Do you want to help us do this early testing? If so, you must …

  • Sign-up to be a tester here
  • Pay attention to the emails we send you so you’ll know when and how and where to do the testing
  • Be prepared to give us feedback about your testing experience and any problems you encounter

If this sounds like fun, and you want to help, please sign up here.


Jim Babka
Downsize DC & The Zero Aggression Project

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