LewRockwell.com – April 17, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Be Afraid
That’s what the government and media want. Article by Glenn Greenwald.
Hey, Evangelical Christians
It’s wrong to be ignorant of economics, Shawn Ritenour tells Lew Rockwell.
The Propaganda Machine’s in Hyperdrive
The MSM lusts for a gun-carrying, regular American to be the pressure-cooker bomber, says Daisy Luther.
A Confessed Liar for the State and Big Pharma
Mike in Tokyo Rogers interviews a famous newsman.
Am I a Terrorist?
If I have non-State ideas in my head, I could be labeled as such, says Jim Karger.
Hooray for the Gold Smack-Down
I can buy more, says Bill Bonner.
Gold and Currency Debasement
And the fall of the Roman Empire, by James Delingpole.
The Computers That Can Mine New Bitcoins
But cost $160,000 a day to run. Article by Katie Davies.
Live Longer
Eat wild Alaskan salmon, never the farmed imposter-fish, says Joseph Mercola.