LewRockwell.com – April 15, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

Stick ’em Up!
Murray Rothbard on the truth about taxes.
Big Pharma Causes Disease
And the FDA helps. Article by Bill Sardi.
Tax Resistance, Then and Now
Charles Adams on real American history.
War Heroes Always Get Hosannas
Should they? Article by Laurence Vance.
Must-See David Stockman Interview
He infuriates the paid media shills, says Greg Hunter.
Armored Armani
A new line of tailored, bulletproof clothing. Article by Chris Callahan. NB: some bad language.
Get Ready To Buy Gold
The sell-off will bring a new low, but the the bull market is far from over, says Marc Faber.
Rebels and the Underground Economy vs. the Fed
Peter Schiff’s hard-hitting Q&A at the Silver Circle premiere.
Gold vs. Bitcoins
Doug Casey vs. Jon Matonis. NB: Bitcoins are very useful, but they are not money.
Want To Copy Rothbard?
Here’s how to tie a bowtie.
Play the Long Game
Adam Taggart on what some very smart minds think about gold.
Get Relief From Arthritis and Inflammatory Pain
Avoid the bad effects of OTC drugs with these 6 foods and herbs. says Paul Fassa.