LewRockwell.com – April 10, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Liberty in Our Lifetimes
Lew Rockwell talks to young libertarians.
Race Hustlers vs. the Truth
Thomas Sowell on testing disparities.
Wounded Troops on the Garbage Heap
After all, they’re only animals to be used by the empire, says Fred Reed.
Get Ready for an Attack
Paul Rosenberg warns Bitcoin.
Where Have All the Workers Gone?
Some of what Pat Buchanan says is true.
Stuck in the Mud
Eric Peters on solving various automotive calamaties.
The Enemies of Freedom
Laurence Vance on conservative Republicans.
Don’t Pass on Firearms Training
You can do it even when ammo is scarce.
Premiums, Demand, and Shortages
Jeff Berwick on silver.
When a Death-Dealing Politician Passes Away
What’s the etiquette? Article by Glenn Greenwald.
Stay Out, You Gun Grabbing Feds
Kansas passes pro-gun, 10th amendment measure with teeth, says Bob Adelmann.
Shakespeare Was Right
Oil of rosemary boosts memory.