LewRockwell.com – April 8, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013
Emulate Ron Paul
Lew Rockwell talks to young libertarians.
More Lincoln Myths
Tom DiLorenzo smashes them.
The Future of Liberty
Ron Paul on homeschooling.
To Whom Do Children Belong?
To the state, says the state. Article by Will Grigg.
Gun Control Even a Conservative Can Love
But not a libertarian. Article by Joshua Katz.
Lessons You’d Better Learn
From Cyprus and the banksters. Article by Bob Wenzel.
The Old Time Religion, Revised
Chris Manion on what’s happened to conservatism.
Resist Universal Background Checks
They’re totalitarian, says Anthony Gregory.
Another Warning Sign
Famed NY Times columnist favors capital controls.
1 Ton of Private Gold Seized
If they know you’ve got something valuable, the border thieves will take it, says Mac Slavo.
The Anti-Snoring Ring
Can 5,000-year-old technology bring silent nights? Article by Simon Cable.
50 Ways To Resist the Beast
Daisy Luther on seceding from a system that makes people broke and unhealthy.