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Several Senators want to stuff a National ID card into an Immigration bill. It would include biometric technology, used to track your every move.

We knew they would eventually do this. We predicted it during our REAL ID revolt eight years ago.

That revolt worked! The grassroots took action. 25 states won’t comply with REAL ID.

But now we must tell Congress AGAIN that…

We do NOT consent to a National ID System!

You may borrow from or copy this letter…

Oppose Senate plans to cluster a National ID System into the Immigration bill.


* REAL ID remains unimplemented
* Attempts to make E-Verify mandatory failed

If you think “the third time’s the charm,” expect a public backlash.

Remember the opposition to SOPA and CISPA?

If we don’t want the feds to spy on our online activities, do you think we’ll take kindly to…

* a mandatory National ID card…
* with biometric scanning technology…
* allowing government bureaucrats to track our every move?

What gives Congress any right to make me take this mark or ask you for permission to get a job?

* You have no such power in the Constitution
* You have no power to force private business owners to act as immigration police
* More importantly, you have NO MORAL RIGHT to prevent someone from earning a living

Oppose ANY form of National ID, and oppose the Immigration Bill if it includes a National ID.

I’ll be watching what you do. Imposing a National ID scheme strengthens the case that you represent tyranny. Keep this up and we’ll have to consider “declaring independence” from you.


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Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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