LewRockwell.com – April 4, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

When the Government Goes Bankrupt
What does it mean for us? Article by Andrew Napolitano.
A Cruel Game
David Stockman on the power elite vs. the rest of us.
All Banks Are Bankrupt
Doug Casey on the truth you’re supposed to ignore.
Is a Dollar Sell-Off Coming in May?
It will be far worse than 2008, says John Williams of Shadowstats. Interview by Greg Hunter.
Why the Prosecutor Killings?
Bill Anderson explains.
Car Maintenance You Can Still Do Yourself
So get going, guys, says Eric Peters.
Is It Time To Sell Your Gold?
Hold it, sell your stocks, floss your teeth, and be happy, says Bill Bonner.
The Government Kills Vastly More Than Private Criminals
So the law-abiding are supposed to give up their guns? Article by Paul Rosenberg.
You Have No Right To Homeschool
Eric Holder is right, says Jim Fedako.
Get Your Money Out of the Bank?
If yours is in there, it belongs to them, not you.
10 Tips for Finding Ammo
Supplies are starting to loosen up, but you still need to be persistent, says David Higginbotham.
Is a Fever Actually Good?
Does it kill the pathogens making you ill? Article by Paul Fassa.