LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, March 23-24, 2013

Weekend Edition, March 23-24, 2013
How Drugs Can Win the War on Drugs
Through jury nullification, state nullification, personal nullification, says Mark Thornton.
Greenbackers Are Nuts
Tom Woods on money and the Fed.
Why Do the Bushes Hate Iraq?
Scott Lazarowitz on their 22-year war of aggression.
Get Ready for Capital Controls
Right here in America, says Bill Bonner.
Forced Doses of Toxic Waste
The dangerous scam called fluoridation.
Get Your Money Out of the Country!
Cyprus prez warned his rich cronies just before the bank levy.
The Gentleman’s Art of Tipping
Brett and Kate McKay on who, why and how much.
No Gun Control Here. Period.
The grabbers’ hysteria isn’t gaining traction, says Rachel Alexander.
How To Say No
James Clear on the big difference between "I can’t" and "I don’t."
Florida Update: Concealed Carry Permits Up
Violent crime down. Article by Bob Adelmann.
Collapse: America Will Fall
Lisa Bedford on a gripping, gritty story of disasters, war and survival.
20 Ways To Take a Break
Daisy Luther on reinvigorating your prep routine.