LewRockwell.com – March 22, 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

Gun Control?
Only if you want 60% more gun murders. Article by David Franke.
The People Won This Famous Tax Revolt
No matter what the official historians claim, says Murray Rothbard.
Could Cyprus Cause a War?
Eric Margolis on why there’s more to worry about than banksters.
Another Zombie Money Scheme
From the conservatives. Article by Gary North.
Don’t Be One of These
Eric Peters on the mentality of the most obnoxious drivers.
Goading America into War
Pat Buchanan on Middle Eastern meddlers.
Cyprus Lifts the Veil
On the US-Euro scam, says Peter Schiff.
The Worst Investment of 2013
Is it gold? Article by Bill Bonner.
Nobody Teaches You This
How to use valet parking like a gentleman.
Red Nutritional Goldmine
Beet juice boosts endurance, lowers blood pressure, fights cancer, and more, says Roger Dobson.
What’s Causing the Epidemic of Cancer, Birth Defects, ED, and More?
David Brownstein, MD, on the escalating problems caused by endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
It Ain’t Dead Yet
5 reasons the assault-weapons ban still has a pulse. Article by S. H. Blannelberry.