LewRockwell.com – March 13, 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Should We Hate Iran?
Of course not, says Walter Block. Live and let live.
Didn’t 9/11 Change Everything?
Tom DiLorenzo speaks on why the answer is Nope.
How Dumb Are American Teachers?
Walter Williams on educational rot.
The Government’s Lying Jobs Report
It’s just propaganda, says Peter Schiff.
Could You Be an ‘Enemy Combatant’?
Scott Lazarowitz on totalitarian lingo.
Make Them Cry
Karen Kwiatkowski on how to handle our rulers.
Seeking a Galt’s Gulch?
Jeff Thomas on the promise of decentralization.
The Gun-Controlling Space Cadet
The new face of citizen disarmament caught buying forbidden weapons for himself. Article by Paul Huebl.
The Hero Ungagged
Bradley Manning, uncensored, from inside his secret star chamber persecution. Article by Glenn Greenwald.
5 Pistols With a Point
Chris Eger on the history of the knife-handgun.
Have You Tried Coconut Water?
Edward Group on the many health benefits of this refreshing, hydrating drink.