LewRockwell.com – March 11, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

We Can Tell What the Feds Are Planning
By what they’re practicing, says Bill Sardi.
The Organized Crime Called Government
Tom DiLorenzo is interviewed by Ilana Mercer.
The Battle Flag of the US
Is it a sacred religious object? Article by Murray Rothbard.
The Militarism of Evangelical Christians
They remind Laurence Vance of the pagan god Janus.
The GOP Is Irrelevant
Just like the whole US political system, says Ron Paul.
El Jefe Denies He’s a Dictator
It’s another lie, says William Grigg.
It Was a Better World
Eric Peters on the golden years of V-8s, cheap gas, and freedom.
Jim Rogers: We’re Wiping Out the Savings Class Globally
With terrible consequences. Article by Adam Taggart.
The Dow vs. Bananas
A reality check from Simon Black.
The Liberty Training Rifle
Thanks to Marlin and Appleseed. Article by Max Slowik.
Can You Starve Cancer Cells?
Glucose is their fuel, so cut out the carbs and eat healthy fat instead, says Joseph Mercola.