LewRockwell.com – March 7, 2013


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ron Paul With an AR-15
A classic defense of gun ownership.
The Economics of the Globalist Threat
Hans-Hermann Hoppe on world government.
The Right to Self Defense
It’s natural: government has nothing to do with it, says Andrew Napolitano.
The Progressive Reign of Terror
Murray Rothbard on Woodrow Wilson’s Raiders.
Handcuffing the Innocent
Another tyranny of the American Soyuz. Article by Will Grigg.
God Loves Drones
According to the religious right. Article by Laurence Vance.
Do You Hate the State?
Adam Alcorn on why Rothbard was right.
Ammo 101
The bullet cartridge explained.
The Biggest Bubble in Human History?
Trouble in China is trouble everywhere, says Bill Bonner.
The complete man’s guide to wrenches, by Brett McKay.
9 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight
Mark Sisson on stalled shrinkage.
Be a Victim
Cop advice for a home invasion.