LewRockwell.com – February 27, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ron Paul 2.0
He talks to Lew about government, war, economics, and his future.
Government Spending Cuts?
Don’t make Gary North laugh.
Slaughter More Shiites
Pat Buchanan on Jennifer Rubin’s killer-conservatism.
Repudiate the Federal Debt
It’s the only moral and practical solution. Article by John Cochran.
Law Enforcement Is Corrupt and Criminal
Eric Peters on committing manslaughter with impunity.
Let’s Throw Poor People Out of Work
Walter Williams on the minimum wage.
Anarchy, State, and Gun Ownership
Only the peaceful market can solve social problems, not the violent government, says David Greenwald.
When We Have Gold, We Are in Fear
When we have none, we are in danger, says Marc Faber. Article by Frank Holmes.
Father Shoots 2 Armed Home Invaders
To save his family. Article by David Higginbotham.
8 Regime Myths About Homeschooling
Consider all the advantages over government child-prisons.
10 Lies Spread by Nutritionists
Don’t follow any of their bad advice, says Joseph Mercola.
Secure Your Home From Intruders
7 tips from a burglar.