LewRockwell.com – February 25, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Expanding American Empire
And Wall Street statism. Bob Wenzel is interviewed by Tony Wile.
After Losing in Iraq and Afghanistan
Does the US now plan to attack China? Article by Eric Margolis.
Why Are the ‘Dark Ages’ Stigmatized?
Because they were so decentralized, says Jonathan Goodwin.
The Germans Should Get Their Gold Back, Fast
Peter Schiff on monetary crisis, nationalization, liar loans, and more. Interview by Greg Hunter.
More Government Mayhem
Eric Peters on the economic cause.
Rise of the Terminators
Self-directed killer robots from the State.
Freedom of Association
It’s the most-hated liberty, and therefore the one we should cherish most, says Walter Block.
All Reservations Have Been Swept Away
Clive Maund is unequivocally bullish on gold.
I’m Going Borg
It’s even better than primal, says William Greene.
Stop Drilling and Filling
Joseph Mercola on the many health benefits of minimally invasive dentistry.
How Not To Shoot Handguns
Life is good, says Hickok45; don’t risk losing any body parts.
101 Best Restaurants in the US
How many have you eaten at?