LewRockwell.com – February 22, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

They’re Training To Kill You
Will Grigg on the feds’ "no hesitation" target practice.
When Did This Become a Hive?
Fred Reed on gun control and the declining American character.
The Best Chicago School Economist
Gary North on the one exception.
No More Police Socialism
And no more gun control, says Scott Lazarowitz.
Don’t Go to Law School
Tucker Max on 6 reasons it’s a very bad idea. NB: some adult language.
The Gold Bull Is Far From Dead
Because it’s inflation that drives the gold train, says Peter Schiff.
One of the Hottest Trends for 2013?
It’s buying silver coins, says Tony Daltorio.
Questioning why you would ever want to buy gold. Article by Bill Bonner.
It’s Time To Worry
Really worry, says a banking insider. Article by Simon Black.
Cheap, Simple Daily Detox
Edward Group on the magic of lemon juice.
An Enemy of the State
The secret police stalked internet freedom activist Aaron Swartz to his death. Article by Amanda Holpuch.
Admit It, Guys, You’ve Always Wanted To Do This
Tear a phonebook in half. Article by Brett McKay.