LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, February 16-17, 2013

Weekend Edition, February 16-17, 2013

Burn Him at the Stake
Will Grigg talks to Lew Rockwell about the police state and Chris Dorner.
Can the US Government Avoid Default?
Nope, and the regime – $222 trillion in the red – is starting to admit it, says Gary North.
Load Up on Gold and Silver Coins
It’s time, says Jim Rogers.
Bill Anderson on the walking dead.
The Power Elite Bought the Election
With money that cost them nothing. Article by Bill Bonner.
You Don’t Know Jack
Peter Schiff dismantles Lew.
I Survived the Fire-Bombing of Dresden
It was a vicious war crime. Article by ex-POW Victor Gregg.
Protect Your Privacy Online
With these 6 tools, says Simon Black.
Gun and Ammo Production to the Max
We will not be disarmed. Article Mac Slavo.
JFK Secretly Freed Mafia Hitmen
To murder Fidel Castro.
You Can Go Whistle, NY Cops and Pols
Until you repeal gun control and apologize for it, says an AR-15 and pistol maker. Article by Max Slowik.
Unfit for Fish or Humans
David Brownstein, MD, on prescription drugs.