LewRockwell.com – February 8, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

It Can’t Happen Here?
Paul Craig Roberts on the American police state.

Mars, Yes – Jesus, No
Gary North on the tax-theft called NASA.

Do You Know What Determines the Price of Gold?
Not what you think, says Robert Blumen.
If You’re Going To Attack Libertarianism
Try having a clue, says Walter Block.
Disarm Us? Never
Americans purchase a gun every 1.5 seconds, says Mac Slavo.
Are Recessions, and Depressions Inevitable?
No, says Harry Veryser. The Austrians are right.
The Latest Vaccine Edict
A warning from David Brownstein, MD.
Off-Grid Community To Make AR-15s and 1911s
Max Slowik on The Citadel, the leading edge of anti-establishment living.
Treacherous Markets Ahead
Clive Maund on gold, silver, the dollar, bonds, and more.
In Praise of Southern Food and Culture
Chef Matt Moore’s guide to losing weight.
Shotguns for Home Defense
James Yeager on selecting and using the best weapon and ammo.