LewRockwell.com – February 5, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where Is Germany’s Gold?
Peter Schiff on shock waves at the Fed.
Quizzing Lew Rockwell
Tom Woods does it.
Another Mt. Everest of Corpses
Gerald Celente on what’s ahead, if the empire gets its way. Article by Greg Hunter.
Don’t Photoshop El Presidente and the Shotgun!
The edict has hilarious results, says Chris Callahan.
Are You Still Under the Sway of Statism?
Here’s a 1-question test, says Eric Peters.
Women in Combat?
It’s just affirmative action, says Walter Williams.
You’ll Be Killed by the Medical-Pharma Complex
Not firearms, says Dave Hodges.
All Those Guns and Ammo
Are they for Obama’s civilian stormtroopers? Article by Mac Slavo.
Government’s Little Fascist Enclaves
John W. Whitehead on public schools.
The US Wants a Japan-China War
Will Japan take the bait? Article by John Walsh.
Got Indigestion?
Fix it without antacids and acid blockers, which just make it worse, says Margaret Durst.
Gun Grabbers Are Nervous
Over 3-D printing of guns, says Bob Adelmann.