LewRockwell.com – January 30, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hilarious Blowback
Seattle gun-buyback turns into a giant gun show of private sales for cash. Article by Mac Slavo.
Disarming a Uniformed Aggressor
Will Grigg wants to know why it’s a crime.
The US Isn’t Threatened by World Government
It is the world government. Daniel McAdams talks to Lew Rockwell about Ron Paul and the empire.
Official Lies
Walter Williams on the m.o. of government.
What if the Fed Is Short Germany’s Gold?
It could bring down the whole rotten system.
What Does the TSA Plan To Do
With those 7,000 assault weapons? Article by Raven Clabough.
The Peeping Tom State
It’s got its beady lizard eyes on you and the internet. Article by Glenn Greenwald.
What’s Patriotism Got To Do With It?
Jeff Berwick on thieving states.
The World’s Most Livable City
Mark Nestmann returns to Vienna, birthplace of the Austrian School.
Another US False Flag
Hacked emails reveal the scheme.
20 Things I Never Throw Away
For food storage, to protect valuables, and keep deer out of the garden.
You Can’t Live Without It
Edward Group explains why we need iodine.
I Couldn’t Resist
DeCoster and DiLorenzo Won’t Eat Here
Veterans Speak about the Military
Some Questions for King Obama
The Civilian Disarmament Dialectic
Obama On Football
The Last Great Civil Rights Crusade
Re: Military Projections
A Colonel’s Response to My Military Article
Gimme Whatever He’s Smokin’


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