LewRockwell.com – January 21, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

Put Not Your Trust in Sheriffs
They’re all part of the regime, says Will Grigg.
The Institutionalization of Tyranny
Paul Craig Roberts on our enemies: liberals and conservatives.
Napolitano vs. Napolitano
On gun control. Article by Gary North.
The US Legal System Is Evil
And Aaron Swartz is just one of a mountain of victims, says Bill Anderson.
They Want All Your Guns
The power elite and their government. Article by Alex Thomas.
The Demand for Gold
Robert Blumen on how to really understand it.
Escalating Fascism in America
Scott Lazarowitz on doctors as informants for the gun-controlling police state.
The Interventionist Establshment
They’re already lying about “unintended consequences” in Mali, says Michael Scheuer.
Letter to a Gun Controller
Mike Rogers sets his friend straight.
Disarming Peasants
Chris Sullivan on the class warfare of gun control.
Do the German Gold Reserves Actually Exist?
Or have they been stolen by the US? Article by Alasdair MacLeod.
Back Down? Never!
Gun freedom rallies draw huge armed crowds from coast to coast.