Concord, NH Gun Freedom Rally

On Saturday January 19, people gathered at the 50 different State Houses in support of the right to bear arms in a group of events called “Guns Across America.” The organizers described the rally as “a PEACEFUL demonstration.” And wrote “We encourage everyone to bring pro gun and pro 2nd amendment signs. Open carry is permitted and encouraged. Any rifles MUST be unloaded with bolt open. Please note if you do carry, you do so of your own discretion. In addition, please act responsibly. The liberal media has made those against more gun legislation out to be mentally unstable or radicals. Actions speak louder than words, we are here not only to contest such legislation, but to contest such claims made against us. SPREAD THE WORD and make YOUR voice count!”
It was my observation that this rally was very much like the T(axed) E(nough) A(lready) Party events I’ve attended. The organizers got a permit to hold the rally, and the talk was as much anti-Democrat and anti-Obama as it was pro-2nd Amendment. I’m honestly curious if the people who attended would have bothered to rally if it was Mitt Romney who was supposedly trying to “take their guns.”