LewRockwell.com – January 11, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Truth About Psychiatry
Peter Breggin, MD, on dangerous drugs and other assaults on patients.
Federal Hallucinogens
Gary North on government promises.
What Has Government Done to Our Pork?
Karen DeCoster on the "other white meat."
Orwell’s Nightmare Is Coming True
Thanks to modern tech in the hands of the state, says Doug Casey.
It’s Not Shootings
It’s gun ownership that they hate, says Jon Rappoport.
Want To Reduce ‘Gun Violence’?
Bob Wenzel has a sure-fire 5-point plan.
Don’t Believe the Government About This, Either
Peter Schiff on inflation propaganda.
Is Russia USSR Freer Than the West?
Jeff Berwick on governments that promise to rob you less.
The Price of Infringement on the 2nd Amendment
Your freedom and maybe your life, says Benedict LaRosa.
Government in Your Home, Your Computer, Your Bank, Your Pants
Faisal Moghul on mass spying in the technetronic era.
Are You Fighting a Cold or the Flu?
Avoid the pharmacy; the best and safest remedies are in your kitchen, says Daisy Luther.
Less Popular Than Cockroaches, Root Canals, Lice
Congress. Article by Tom Jensen.