LewRockwell.com – January 8, 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crooked Teachers and Lying Principals
Walter Williams on the public schools.
Quit Your Job This Year
James Altucher on the 10 reasons.
Don’t Eat Wheat
Illana Mercer talks to Karen DeCoster about big-agra propaganda.
Blueprint for Bondage
C.T. Rossi on the real meaning of gun control.
They Hate Your Older Car
Eric Peters on the corn-gas conspirators.
Fight the Power Elite and Global Government
With individual and regional sovereignty, says Ron Holland.
The Hagel Trap
The problem is imperial foreign policy, says Daniel McAdams, not the head orc at the Department of Death.
Targeted for Harassment?
Alex Jones detained by TSA and cops. Article by Paul Joseph Watson.
Another Government Con Job
Building the police state while whining about the fiscal cliff. Article by John W. Whitehead.
Top 10 Most Dangerous Government Agencies
Armed parasites on the march. NB: the "fair" tax would make things worse.
You Need Real Money
So what if metal prices are down? Buy more, says Peter Schiff. Article by Greg Hunter.
More Than Bullets, Beans, and Band-Aids
100 items for your family’s long-term survival.