LewRockwell.com – December 28, 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012
The International War on Cash
Has it been stopped in Sweden? Article by Joe Salerno.
Tools of Tyranny
Andrew Napolitano on government threats to your personal freedom.
Foreign Travel?
Gary North would pay big bucks to stay home.
Trying To Cage a Nun for 13 Years
For being a fully informed juror. Article by Will Grigg.
There’s Never Been Anyone Like Ron Paul
As the Republican shills at the NRA discover.
The Lincoln Money Cabal
It’s deeply and disastrously wrong, says Tom Woods.
Big! Important! Benefit! Concert! for Victims!
Michael Devaney on power-elite “charity.”
I Hate Piers Morgan
But he shouldn’t be deported, says Ryan McMacken.
I Love Guns
It’s what makes me a real American. Article by Tom Finnigan.
Sizzle! Zap!
See what kind of scanner your airport uses.
Non-Gun Owners Targeted by Liberal Media?
Trying to demonize gun-owners, they publish a hit list for burglars. Article by Mac Slavo.
Lew Rockwell on the future of LRC.