LewRockwell.com – December 20, 1012

Thursday, December 20, 2012
Black Power
Walter Williams on 100% of nothing.
Social Conservatives Are Pharisees
Ron Paul is right, says Paul Green. We should reject them.
Why the Heck Did I ‘Serve’?
60 years later, Larry Martines has learned the actual purpose of the imperial legions.
Martial Law USA
Is that our future? Article by Will Grigg.
All States Hate Private Guns
All MSM, too. whether it’s the US or Russia, says Paul Craig Roberts.
The Sociopath Next Door
The problem is empty people, not loaded guns, says Linda Schrock Taylor.
More Make-Believe Crimes, More Federal Psychiatry
Jon Rappoport on how the State works to control and disarm us.
Do You Use a Do-Not-Disturb Sign on Your Hotel Door?
Mark Nestmann on the 8 things he does that make spooks suspicious.
We’re Heading into a New Recession
Hold on to your hat, says John Williams of Shadowstats.
The Vaccination Conspiracy
Lawyers who defend dissenting parents are targeted, says Patricia Finn.
10 Last-Minute Primal Gift Ideas
Mark Sisson’s list of good and useful items for everyone.
A Dark Comet, a Super-Volcano, a Massive Solar Storm?
Scientists ponder how maybe it could all end on Friday, Dec. 21st.