Downsize DC: Year End Report

I’ve been a member of Downsize DC for many years and from time-to-time, I have been a monthly donor. What have I gotten for my money? Downsize DC released their 2012 Year End Report and writes, “Was Downsize DC a good investment for you in 2012? Our budget (as of December 2) was less than $238,000. Organizations several times our size would envy what we’ve achieved with that sum.”

Here’s our case, including our…

  • Increased influence in Congress.
  • Precedent-changing legal briefs!
  • Powerful NEW assault on campaign finance laws, helping your favorite challengers.
  • Progress with the NEW Zero Aggression Project.
  • Progress with the NEW Deny Consent.
  • Plans for a focused NEW Downsize DC that will make you more powerful.
  • Exciting NEW software tools that will expand your influence.

Isn’t it thrilling that through Downsize DC you have…

  • The One Subject at a Time Act introduced in the House, with nine co-sponsors?
  • Read the Bills, One Subject at a Time, and Write the Laws all introduced in the Senate
  • New working relationships with members of Congress?

This would probably be enough to satisfy some K Street lobbying firms. But your influence also extends to the Judicial Branch…

You helped us file the ONLY brief in the Jones case arguing that the Court should restore the property rights basis for Fourth Amendment Rulings (instead of the privacy standard that had ruled since the 60s).

Your argument prevailed! Together we turned 4th Amendment jurisprudence in a new direction!

You can read the full report here.