LewRockwell.com – December 18, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Who Was Adam Lanza’s Doctor?
And what drugs was the killer taking? Article by Jon Rappoport.
The Government Diet Is Making You Sick
Be healthy! Illana Mercer talks to Karen De Coster.
Liberty Is Winning
Mostly, says Gary North.
The Psy-Ops War on Preppers
The demonization of murdered mother, Nancy Lanza. Article by Daisy Luther.
Pawn Stars
Dom Armentano on learning economics from a capitalistic tv show.
Gun Control?
We need drone control, says John Aziz.
The Fiscal Cliff Is a Diversion
The dollar bubble is what matters, says Paul Craig Roberts.
Gun Haters Spring Into Agit-Prop Mode
The political opportunists make ready with their first step, says Mac Slavo.
Mass Murder In Schools
Jack Douglas on one of the extreme differences between modern and traditional America.
Is Feminism Also To Blame?
For the school massacre. Article by Mike Holmes.
80% of Us Are Deficient
Joseph Mercola on how to tell if you are getting enough magnesium.