LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, December 8-9, 2012


Weekend Edition, December 8-9, 2012
The Power Elite Peddles a Pack of Lies
John Denson talks to Lew Rockwell about revisionist truth.
That Lincoln Flick
It’s phony history at its best. Article by Mark Thornton.
The New Serfdom
You owe everything to the Lord Obama, so he owns you. Article by Anne Wortham.
Lift Up Your Hearts
We’re winning, and the establishment is terrified, says Eric Peters.
The GOP Is on Life Support
To Pat Buchanan, that’s bad news. (I say, pull the plug.)
How America Was Tricked into WWII
Chris Rossini on a British propagandist and the horror.
Squatting on the Shoulders of Midgets
Simon Black on the morally and economically disastrous idea of fiat money.
Before the Federal Rolls-Royce Roars Over the Edge
Jump out, and protect yourself with physical gold, says Peter Schiff.
Can We Change Everyone in the US Military?
No, but we can try, says young veteran Christian Light.
We’re the Most Spied-Upon People in History
Our overlords aim to crush dissent, and to destroy whistleblowers.
Save Money and Ditch the Toxins
Edward Group on how to make your own safe, organic cleaning products.
Is There an LRC Lifestyle?
10 trends that demonstrate what we’re about.

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