LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, November 24-25, 2012

Weekend Edition, November 24-25, 2012
Sacred Fraud
Gary North on the US Constitution.
We Don’t Have To Put Up With This
Gary Franchi of WHDT talks to Lew Rockwell about secession.
Be Grateful for the Police State
And other things Bill Anderson was told in church.
Ron Paul Likes Price Gouging
It’s necessary to human survival.
Overheated Engine?
Eric Peters on how the non-expert can deal with it.
The Alleged Funeral of Osama Bin Laden
There are more holes in the official tale.
How Many Ounces of Gold and Silver Do You Need?
To cover expenses during high-inflation periods. Article by Jeff Clark.
You Can’t Secede
We’re exiling you. Article by Jeff Berwick.
You Don’t Need a ‘Silencer’
Get quiet rimfire ammo, instead.
Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye?
Use xylitol and forget the fluoride. Article by Lucy Elkins.
How Not To Have a Hangover
Mark Sisson on hacks you can hang your hat on.
Have You Ever Fired a Lever-Action?
Shoot this Golden Boy .22 rifle – a Ron Paul favorite – and you’ll want one, too, says Hickok45.