BitCoin Friday

BitCoin Friday is upon us, but what is it?

It’s a birthday party for BitCoin!

November 9th 2010
Bitcoin project registered at

Bitcoin has come a long way in two years. Bitcoin Friday is an event to celebrate the Bitcoin economy and the consumers that hold it up. This November 9th, 2012 the Bitcoin stores on this site will hold massive sales on merchandise avaliable for purchase with Bitcoin.
This is a Pre-Black Friday of sorts. A one day sale event at all Bitcoin merchants along with a unified attempt at advertising Bitcoin businesses. This means we need your help in two ways: please buy something with your bitcoins and please tell the world that Bitcoin businesses exist!
The media and the public does not take Bitcoin seriously because they think you can’t buy anything with it… Prove them wrong this November 9th.
Bitcoin Friday – Friday, November 9th 2012 – Sales at all your favorite Bitcoin merchants. Show your support! 

To celebrate, FPP is giving a 10% discount for all orders paid for with BitCoins andm as always, free shipping! Shop now at