The Real World News and Commentary – November 4, 2012

Connecting the Dots in the Real World

Created by Roy Perlmutter   November 4 2012


Wealthy Greeks Still Don’t Pay Taxes


One Year Later – Santelli Rips Apart ‘Connected’ Corzine


Is The Federal Reserve Using Money-Laundering Techniques To Cleanse Banks’ Balance Sheets?



The Rolling Stones : Sympathy For The Devil (live) HQ


Bilderberg Group’s Depopulation Plans EXPOSED!


NEW WORLD ORDER This Will Make You Angry


Little Big Town – Pontoon


David Rockefeller’s Shocking Confession


Ron Paul talks about the Bilderberg Group




New World Order Bilderberg Group – Open Your Eyes and See The TRUTH


G. Edward Griffin: “The End Of The Line”


Don’t cry for me, François


Marc Faber on Hedging the Bernanke Put and QE3 with Gold, Land and Equities!


Have you contacted your senators about S. 202?


Barclays faces $470m fine for electricity market manipulation

Barclays has been ordered to pay a $470m (£293m) in fines and other penalties by the US energy regulatory after being found to have manipulated the American electricity market.


It Begins: Ecuador Demands Repatriation Of One Third Of Its Gold Holdings


5 things repatriating gold bullion says about the country


Greece Running Out of Cash; Government Under Threat;_ylt=Apj5jMpFTSGCO9naFAFMJquiuYdG;_ylu=X3oDMTQ4YXZxbTg3BG1pdANDTkJDIFRvcCBTdG9yaWVzBHBrZwM0ZDdkOTUwOS01NDA5LTNjNjAtODkyZC0zOTJlYzkxNDE4M2QEcG9zAzEEc2VjA01lZGlhQkxpc3RNaXhlZEx


Greece Fears Return During Crunch Bailout Week|instory|&par=yahoo


Greek Ruling Coalition Collapses Days Ahead Of Critical Vote


Italy risks economic ‘vicious circle’   Financial Times


Something Goes Bump On European Halloween: ECB’s Marginal Facility Usage Soars


A Grim Preview Of This Friday’s Jobs Number


Challenger: US Planned Layoffs Jump to a 5-Month High


ADP “Cancels” 365,000 Private Jobs Created In 2012


The Not So Funnies×332.jpg×369.png


Benghazi Obama’s Core Deceit


Au Revoir, Mr. President


Why You Should Vote for Mitt Romney