LewRockwell.com – November 1, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012
Saint Franklin
Gary North on how Roosevelt provoked Pearl Harbor.
Why Ron Paul Is So Optimistic
About teaching freedom, our path forward, and the example of the Mises Institute.
More Politics, More Politicians, More Lincoln Worship
Tom DiLorenzo on Time magazine’s statist Rx.
Should You Vote for President?
A dissenting view from Andrew Napolitano.
We’re #1? Not Quite
Clyde Wilson on real American heroes, and frequent fraudsters.
Proudly Voting for Evil
Scott Lazarowitz on Americans and elections.
Another Patsy
A fake Iranian terror plot that wouldn’t fool a child, says Justin Raimondo.
What Chutzpah
Russia dares to scold the self-righteous America. Article by Paul Gottfried.
Hurricane Fallacies
Economic and political. Article by Gary Gibson.
The Devolution of the State
Get ready for it, says Charles Hughes Smith.
Jersey Shore
No more.
9 Ways You Could be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss
Inadvertently. Mark Sisson explains.