2012 Voter Guide


Below are my endorsements and recommendations for the 2012 general election.
For more information on the ballot measures, see BallotPedia or NTU

Write-in NOTA
Voters in Nevada are encouraged to vote for “None Of These Candidates”
Voters in Oklahoma are encouraged to cross out the names of both ballot listed Presidential candidates.

Delaware: Jesse McVay
Indiana: Rupert Boneham
Missouri: Jim Higgins
Montana: Ron Vandevender
New Hampshire: John Babiarz
North Carolina: Barbara Howe
North Dakota: no endorsement
Utah: Ken Larsen, Jr.
Vermont: no endorsement
Washington: no endorsement
West Virginia: David Moran

US Senate
Arizona: Marc: J. Victor
California: no endorsement
Connecticut: no endorsement
Delaware: no endorsement
Florida: no endorsement
Hawaii: no endorsement
Indiana: Andrew Horning
Maine: Andrew Ian Dodge
Maryland: Dean Ahmad
Massachusetts: no endorsement
Michigan: Scotty Boman
Minnesota: Tim Davis
Mississippi: no endorsement
Missouri: Jonathan Dine
Montana: Dan Cox
Nebraska: no endorsement
Nevada: None of These Candidates
New Jersey: Kenneth R. Kaplan
New Mexico: no endorsement
New York: no endorsement
North Dakota: no endorsement
Ohio: no endorsement
Pennsylvania: Chris Eded
Rhode Island: no endorsement
Tennessee: Dr. Shaun Crowell
Texas: John Jay Myers
Utah: no endorsement
Vermont: Chris Ericson
Virginia: no endorsement
Washington: no endorsement
West Virginia: no endorsement
Wisconsin: Joseph Kexel
Wyoming: no endorsement

US House District in parenthesis
(races without endorsements are not listed)
Alaska: Jim McDermott
Arizona: Joe Pamelia (4)
              Joe Cobb (7)
              Powell Gammill (9)
Arkansas: Jesse Paxton (1)
              Chris Hayes (2)
              David Bangrac (3)
Delaware: Scott Gesty
District of Columbia: Bruce Majors (non-voting Delegate)
Indiana: Chard Reid (5)
              Rex Bell (6)
              Bard Gadau (8)
Maryland: Arvin Vohra (5)
              Nickolaus Mueller (6)
              Mark Grannis (8)
Missouri: Robb Cunningham (1)
              Rick Vandeven (8)
Montana: David Kaiser
Nevada: None Of These Candidates (all seats)
New Hampshire: Brenden Kelly (1)
              Hardy Macia (2)
North Dakota: Eric Olson
Texas: Patrick Hisel (28)
              James Stanczak (29)
              Ed Rankin (30)

Other offices/Ballot measures
Alabama: Amendment 2: No
              Amendment 4: Yes
              Amendment 6: Yes
              Amendment 7: Yes
              Amendment 8: Yes
              Amendment 10: Yes
              Amendment 11: Yes
Alaska: Ballot Measure 1: Yes
Arizona: Prop 116: Yes
              Prop 119: Yes
              Prop 120: Yes
              Prop 204: No
Arkansas: Issue 1: No
              Issue 2: No
              Issue 5: Yes
California: Prop 30: No
              Prop 32: Yes
              Prop 33: Yes
              Prop 34: Yes
              Prop 37: No
              Prop 38: No
              Prop 39: No
Colorado: Amendment 64: Yes
Florida: Amendment 1: Yes
              Amendment 3: Yes
              Amendment 4: Yes
              Amendment 6: Yes
              Amendment 10: Yes
              Amendment 11: Yes
Hawaii: Dam and Reservoir Owners Assistance Amendment: No
Idaho: Prop 1: Yes
              Prop 2: Yes
              Prop 3: Yes
              HJR 2: Yes
Illinois: HJRCA 49: Yes
Kansas: Boat Property Tax Amendment: Yes
Kentucky: House Bill 1: Yes
Louisiana: Amendment 2: Yes
              Amendment 5: Yes
Maine: Question 2: No
              Question 3: No
              Question 4: No
              Question 5: No
Maryland: Question 3: Yes
              Question 6: Yes
Massachusetts: Question 2: Yes
              Question 3: Yes
Michigan: Prop 2: No
              Prop 3: No
              Prop 4: No
              Prop 5: Yes
Minnesota: Amendment 2: No
Missouri: Cisse Spragins; Secretary of State
              David Browning; Attorney General
              Sean O’Toole; Treasurer
              Amendment 3: No
              Prop A: Yes
              Prop B: No
              Prop E: No
Montana: Scott Vandevender; State Representative 84
              LR-122: Yes
Nebraska: Amendment 1: No (if the proposal exempted victimless crimes, I would support it)
              Amendment 2: Yes
              Amendment 3: No
              Amendment 4: No
Nevada: None Of These Candidates (all offices)
              Question 1: Yes
New Hampshire: Michael Baldasarre; Executive Council, District 3
              Ken Blevens; Executive Council, District 4
              Richard Kahn; State Senate, District 14
              Rich Tomasso ; State               Senate, District 16
              Mark Warden; NH House, Hillsborough 39
              Ian Freeman; NH House, Cheshire 16
              Aidan Ankarberg; NH House, Strafford 5
              Darryl W. Perry; Cheshire County Register of Deeds
              Darryl W. Perry; Cheshire County Register of Probate (write-in)
              Max Abramson; Rockingham County County Attorney
              Question 1: Yes
              Question 2: Yes
              Question 3: Yes
New Jersey: Public Question 1: No
Public Question 2: Yes
New Mexico: Bond Question A: No
              Bond Question B: No
Bond Question C: No
              Constitutional Amendment 2: Yes
              Constitutional Amendment 3: Yes
              Constitutional Amendment 4: Yes
              Constitutional Amendment 5: Yes
North Dakota: Measure 1: Yes
              Measure 2: Yes
              Measure 3: Yes
              Measure 4: No
Ohio: Issue 1: Yes
              Issue 2: Yes
Oklahoma: State Question 758: Yes
              LRCA State Question 759: Yes
              LRCA State Question 762: No
              LRCA State Question 764: No
              LRCA State Question 765: Yes
              LRCA State Question 766: Yes
Oregon: Measure 78: Yes
              Measure 79: Yes
              Measure 80: Yes
              Measure 82: Yes
              Measure 84: Yes
Pennsylvania: Ken Krachuk; State House 153
Puerto Rico: Question 1: No
              Question 2: Independence or Sovereign Free Associated State
Rhode Island: Question 3: No
              Question 4: No
              Question 5: No
              Question 6: No
              Question 7: No
South Carolina: Jeremy Walters; State Representative 26
              Amendment 1: No
South Dakota: Constitutional Amendment N: No
              Constitutional Amendment P: Yes
              Initiated Measure 15: No
Initiated Measure 16: Yes
Tennessee: Daniel Lewis; State House 52
Texas: Bill Grisham; Bexar County Tax Assessor Collector
              Patrick Dixon; Travis County Commissioner Precinct 3
Utah: Andy McCullough; Attorney General
Virginia: Question 1: Yes
Question 2: Yes
Washington: Initiative 1185: Yes
              Initiative 502: No (Despite the fact that it would legalize the production, possession, delivery and distribution of marijuana, this initiative has serious flaws which could harm medical marijuana users.)
              Senate Joint Resolution 8221: Yes
West Virginia: Amendment 1: No
Wyoming: Constitutional Amendment A: Yes
              LRCA Constitutional Amendment B: Yes

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